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          明升体育app | Capital COVID-19 Updates

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          Traditional Undergrad

          #明升体育appTogether Again in

          Discover Your Calling at 明升体育app


          What's Happening

          The Word of the Lord endures forever. We’d stake our middle name on it! See what’s still happening at 明升体育app | Capital.

          Transfer & International

          Do you live abroad or are you thinking about transferring to 明升体育app? Here’s all the info you’ll need.

          College Life

          See our dorms, scope out the campus and learn about life as a resident student at 明升体育app.

          Our Unique Locations

          You can access 明升体育app’s biblical education online anywhere or at one of our three distinct locations.

          Our Mission

          Our focus is on your journey to fulfill God’s purpose for your life. Our mission has remained constant since 1933: To educate Christian students to think and live a biblical worldview and to proclaim Christ by serving Him in the Church and society.

          Learn More About 明升体育app

          Lancaster Campus Virtual Tour

          Lancaster Campus Video Tour

          Impacting the Church & Society

          Our graduates and faculty are making a real difference in the world for Christ. Through their experiences at 明升体育app | Capital, they’ve been changed – and it shows in their careers and ministries today. Whether it’s our students living on our Lancaster campus, studying halfway across the country, professors who are truly passionate about reforming the criminal justice system, or the influential pastor who’s working toward their doctoral degree in leadership, they’ll all say the same thing: their time at 明升体育app made all the difference. Don’t believe us? We’ll let them tell you in their own words.

          Upcoming Events

          Aug 24
          • Doctoral Fall Classes Begin

            Aug 24

          Aug 26
          • New Student Arrival

            Aug 26 - Aug 28  
            901 Eden Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601, USA

          Aug 29
          • Orientation

            Aug 28 - Aug 30  
            901 Eden Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601, USA

          Aug 31
          • First Day of Classes

            Aug 31
            901 Eden Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601, USA

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