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          As an 明升体育app | Capital 校友 you can can grant a scholarship


          As a graduate of m88 - 明升体育app | Capital Seminary & Graduate School, you represent the caliber of student we strive to equip, train, and empower. There is no one who understands what it is that we do here more than you! That’s why we want your help to find and recruit the right kind of students – students like you. The 每一个达到一 program empowers you, our 校友, to identify mission fit 明升体育app | Capital students and bless them with a scholarship* to the college! When you refer students to 明升体育app | Capital who are then accepted as students, they’ll receive:

          • 奖学金*您的姓名
          • 一个免除申请费



          • 寄存器: 由校友推荐计划注册,你迈出鼓励学​​生参加明升体育app的第一步。
          • 认识: 寻找你认为谁是在明升体育app一个不错的选择学生|首都!
          • 参考: 如果他们有兴趣在大学,提交学生的信息 之前 它们适用于明升体育app |首都。


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