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          明升体育app |资本covid-19更新





          m88 - 明升体育app的库支持我们的学生和教师的教学和学习。咨询我们 图书馆资源进行远程学习 有关详细信息,并快速访问电子资源,服务和特殊出版商更新由于covid-19的问题。而我们的物理磁带库关闭, 远程会诊 可用。虚拟援助也是通过聊天使用。


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          Charles and Gloria Jones 图书馆
          A grad student in our 华盛顿特区 图书馆

          The libraries of m88 - 明升体育app and Capital Seminary & Graduate School are ultimate gathering places and central social and technological hubs. Over 500,000 items are available, including over 300,000 electronic books and more than 50,000 periodical titles in electronic format. 线上 access to all databases and catalogs is available on the library home page. The libraries provide access to all the technology needed to power a new world of digital books, electronic periodicals and online learning that lets our students earn their degree from anywhere in the world, anytime day or night. 学生s come here to do research, pick up books, print or copy documents, study and socialize. The library can borrow books and secure copies of articles for students from other libraries via inter图书馆 loan, whenever needed.

          A student studies in the Lancaster campus 图书馆
          图书馆开放时间 - 明升体育app


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